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Who We Are...

Mount Sinai Junior Academy (MSJA) is a family oriented, Seventh-day Christian, STEaM school.  It is nestled in the heart Orlando, "The City Beautiful" and sits on the back property of Mt. Sinai SDA Church.  The Southeastern Conference of Seventh-Adventist K-12 School Board oversees the school's curriculum and teaching staff.  We are accredited by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities, and are a  member of the National Council of private School Accreditation. Since September 2012 Mt. Sinai Jr. Academy has been a Southern Union Adventist Edge School of Excellence.

MSJA also houses a licensed child development center (CDC).  It is presently taking applications for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age.  They also provide a morning and afternoon Pre-school program for 4 and 5 year olds.

You can be assured that our Educational Complex, MSJA and the CDC, is committed to providing a Christ-centered curriculum in a safe and caring environment which is conducive to learning.


We Serve...

1) The families of the Mt. Sinai SDA Church, families of other local SDA churches, and families from the surrounding communitites.

2) Co-ed students in K-10th grade.  To enroll in kindergarten, the student must be 5 years old by August 15th.

3) The Child Development Center serves children between the
 ages of six months and five years old.

4) Although the school is primaily for the youth of the SDA Church, it welcomes all students of good character.  While no religion test is applied, it is expected that all students who attend will abide by the rules and regulations of MSJA.

Our Innovative Staff 

MSJA is blessed to have all certified, spiritual, and creative teachers.  They strive to encourage all of their students to succeed both academically and spiritually.  MSJA is not just a place of employment for our staff, it is also their home where they encourage their students to be a part of their family of excellence.

Mrs. Gwen Wesley, Principal
Mrs. Audrey McCarthy, Kindergarten
Mrs. Coretta Elliott, Grades 1& 2,  Music 
Mrs F. Renee White, Grade 3
Mrs. I. Nau, Grade 4
Mrs. E. Lewis, 5th HR & 5-8 Language Arts
Ms. Lyne Auguste, 6th HR, Science 5-8
Ms. Tiffany McNealy, Asst. Prin, Grades 7 & 8 HR, Soc. Studies 5-8
Mr. Smith, Music
Mr. Andrews, Computer Teacher
Mr. Moe, PE
Mr. Escobar, Spanish
Mr. Hervin, High School Griggs 

School Board

Cheryl Soriano, School Board Chair
Alpha Footman, Vice Chair
Dr. Antwon Mells, Pastor
Mrs. Gwen Wesley, Principal
Elder Steven Sankey
Mattie Mae Jenkins
Carlotta McKenzie
Chris Howard


Our Mission Statement...
The mission of the Mount Sinai Junior Academy is to provide an effective and holistic education that promotes the harmonious development of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual capacities of our students.

Our Purpose...
Our purpose is to prepare each student for educational advancement and productive roles in the world of work, and ultimately to prepare their hearts and lives for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our Philosophy...
The Mount Sinai Junior Academy embraces the theme of "Preparing Hands, Hearts, and Minds."  In addition to a comprehensive curriculum based on the S.D.A. educational goals, we provide enhanced learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.  In collaboration with the home, school, and church, students engage in activities that develop their physical, mental, and spiritual capacities as they prepare to function as productive citizens in a global and technological community.  These programs aim to meet the specialized needs and unique abilities and interests of each learner.

Our Objectives:

  • To encourage each student to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • To promote high scholarship. 
  • To instill within each student belief in eternal worth of each individual for whom Christ died, so that the student may be a contributing member of the society in which he/she lives. 
  • To aid the student in gaining a knowledge of health principles, such as exercise, proper diet, and abstaining from the use of harmful products such as tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. 
  • To provide instruction that will enable the student to gain the skills and knowledge needed to progress through  all levels of education.


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